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Angelica Garza RN- School Nurse
Barbara Garcia LPN-Clinic Assistant

Clinic Hours: M-F 9:15-4:30pm

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Tdap Immunization Requirement for Rising Sixth Graders:

Virginia Legislation effective July 2006 requires all students entering the sixth grade to receive a Tdap booster. If five years have passed since your child’s last booster this shot is required. This requirement is effective for the first day of school and there is no grace period. Students must provide proof of the immunization or documentation of a religious or medical exemption to the Princess Anne Middle School Guidance Department or they will not be allowed to attend school.
When reviewing your child’s immunization record the vaccine may be listed as DPT, Td, Dtap, and/or Tdap. The vaccine may be obtained from a private physician/pediatrician, a military clinic, or the Virginia Beach Health Department at 4452 Corporation Lane.


Should I keep my child home due to illness?

Parents should evaluate if their child should attend school when showing signs or symptoms of a possible contagious illness to protect their child, other students, and school staff. It is recommended that a child with the following not attend school:

*An oral temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher
*Open draining skin areas that have not been evaluated by a healthcare provider. 
*More than one episode of vomiting or diarrhea that has not been evaluated by a healthcare provider or child is contagious.
*Skin rash that has not been evaluated by a healthcare provider
*Eye appears pink/red with thick yellow discharge (matted eyelid after sleep)
*Chicken Pox (stay home until all blisters are scabbed over or dry)
*Persistent productive cough.
*Extreme fatigue.
*Antibiotics prescribed for an infection. Medicine must be taken for at least 24 hours before a child can return to school with a return to school note from the prescribing health care provider and must be fever free. 
*Students that are treated for a contagious illness. Healthcare provider must provide a back to school note to the school nurse. *Students taking fever-reducing medication to mask a fever.
The nurse will contact the parent of a student showing the above signs and symptoms and recommend that he/she are picked up from school. Please contact the school nurse should you have any questions.



There is a full time registered nurse and clinic assistant on duty in the clinic. The purpose of the clinic is to provide First Aid for School Related illnesses and injuries. We are neither equipped nor designed to take care of out of school injuries/illnesses, and are not intended to take the place of parent-directed medical care. We will follow doctor's written orders for treatment which may need to be done during the time the student is in the school.
It is a Virginia Beach School Board regulation that any student taking medication during school hours must have written permission from a doctor and a parent. We are not allowed to give medication without the doctor's orders. This also includes all over the counter medication.
Medication should be brought directly to the clinic by the parent and MUST be in the original prescription bottle with the students' name, medication name, and correct dosage on it. Over the counter medication should be in a new sealed container. Medication brought in any other way cannot be accepted or given to the student.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation.