Activity Bus Routes



Location of Pupil Stops for Activity Runs 
Activity runs should be designed to keep on the main roads and deliver students to the entrance of the neighborhoods. Pupil stops are designed to be within 1½ miles from the place of residence where time restraints, road conditions and vehicle access allows. Activity bus routes will not be established within a cul-de-sac or on a dead end roadway where backing up will be required. 

BUS 130 – Bob Collette – High gate Greens, high Gate Crossing, Three Oaks, Southern Shore Estates, Redmill Farms, Southgate, Hunt Club Forest, Pine Ridge, Middle Oaks Plantation, Three Oaks, White Pine Farms, Strawbridge.

-       High Gate Green Stops – Front Entrance (During cold weather & rain STOPS will be Lower Greens Place & Sanderson Lane; Sanderson Lane & Upper Greens Lane)

- High Gate Crossing Stops – Front Entrance

- Three Oaks Stops – Front Entrance (During cold weather & rain STOPS will be Russet Leaf & Tree Garden Way & South Pastures Lane, Tree Garden Way & Tallwood Trail) Three Oak Cres; Three Oaks Dr. & Russet Leaf Lane, Tree Garden Way & Bushwood Ter; Tree Garden Way & Kinding Hollow Rd. & Tree Garden Way & Tallwood Tr. 

- Southern Shores Estates Stops – Culver Lane & Bierce Dr.; Upton Dr. & Tennyson Rd.

- Redmill Farms Stops – Any street off of Townfield Lane between Elson Green & Bierce Dr.;
Sandoval Fr & Oak Lawn Ct; Brams Dr. & Upton Dr.; Schubert Dr. & Mozart Dr; Hael Dr. & Beethoven Dr; Faulkner Rd. & Eppington Ct; Red Mill Blvd & Rosewell Dr; Red Mill Blvd & Newstead Dr; Red Mill Blvd & Agecroft Rd

- Middle Oaks & White Pine Farms Stops – Manison Cross Lane & Kilburton Priory Pine Lane & Country Manor Lane

- Pine Ridge Stops – Breezy Pine Lane & Windy Pines Bend; Windy Pine Bend & Pine View Ave; Pine View Ave & Windy Pine Bend

- Hunt Club Forest Stops – Grey Fox Lane & Hunts Neck Trail; Grey Fox Lane & Melstone; Grey Fox Lane & Hillsboro Quay; Hunts Neck Trail & Hunting Horn Way; Hunters Run Trail & Rocking Chair Lane

- Strawbridge Stops – Hunts Neck Trail & Bloomsbury Lane

- Southgate Stops – Rocking Chair Lane & Huckleberry Trail’ Huckleberry Trail & Smokehouse Rd; Huckleberry Trail & Crossroads Trail

BUS 002 – Peggy Gann – All of Seaboard Rd & Starting at Back Bay Texaco on the Princess Anne Road.  All of Princess Anne Rd from Back Bay to the State Line.

- Stops - All of PA Road from Back Bay to Knott’s Island, Seaboard Rd to Back Bay,  S West Neck Rd; Pungo, Newbridge Rd, Muddy Creek Rd, Pleasant Ridge Rd, Charity Neck Rd, West Landing Rd, Gum Bridge Rd, Mill Landing Rd, Nannys Creek Rd, Indian River Rd to West Neck Rd.

- Seaboard Rd. to Back Bay; South West Neck Rd & Pungo; New Bridge Rd; Muddy Creek Rd; Pleasant Ridge Ed; Charity Neck Rd; West Landing Rd; Gum Bridge Rd; Mill Landing Rd; Nanny Creek Rd; Indian River Rd to West Neck Rd.

BUS 578 – Janice Jones – Courthouse Estates, Blackwater and N West Neck Rd, Indian River rd.

BUS 010 – Sandy Porter – Buyrn Farms, Christopher Farms, Courthouse farms, PA Crossing, Shelburne Woods, East side of Holland and Holland Rd to PA Rd, PA Rd to courthouse, Princess Anne Woods, East Side of Holland & Holland Rd to Princess Anne Rd

- Stops – Christopher Farms & Princess Anne Crossing; Pleasant Acres & Taylor’s Farms Ct; Pleasant Acres & Morningwood Ct; Pleasant Acres & Saw Hill Ct; Read Barn Dr. & Christopher Farms Dr; Christopher Farms Dr. & Haystack Dr; Cantwell Rd & Curry Comb; Cantwell Rd. & Ochard Grass Rd.; Christopher Farms Dr. & Split Rail; Christopher Farms & Quarter House Ct.; Court House Forest; First Settler; Holland Rd. & Litchfield Way.

BUS 246 – Eric Denson – Lago Mar, South Shore Estates, Southern Woods, Bierce to Townfield Lane on the left side of Elson Green section of Ocean Lakes, Heritage Park, Ashville Park, Sherwood Lakes, Back Bay Lago Mar, Matthew Greens

- Stops – Princess Anne Rd. from Nimmo to Elson Green; Elson Green & any side street off Elson Green; Townfield Lane straight through to Culver Lane not going beyond Bierce Lane; Elson Green & San Marco; Elson Green & San Marco; Elson Green & Levy Loop

- Lago Mar Stops – Entrada & Camino Real St.; Entrada & Ranchero; Camino Real S & Las Brisas; Las Brisas & Los Colonis

- Sandbridge Stops – Lotus Dr. & Sandbridge Rd; Sandpiper (North End plus South End); Sandfiddler (North & South Ends); Sandfiddler & Tuna; Sandpipper & Rock; Sandlot Little Island

- Sherwood Lakes Stops – Locksley Way & Lacksley Arch
- Ashville Park Stops – Entrance; Ashville Park Blvd & Camarillo Ln
- Back Bay Lago Mar Stops – Artesia Way & Santa Fe Arch; Santa Fe Dr. & Casa Verde Way
- Heritage Park Stops – Entrance 
- Matthew Greens - Entrance