Zebedee Clark, Student Activities Coordinator
Phone: (757) 648-4971
Email: Zeb Clark

The following is a list of student clubs and activities that will be offered during the school year. Each student is welcome and encouraged to attend. Activity buses will run Monday – Friday at 5:30 p.m. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Zeb Clark, Student Activities Coordinator, at 648-4971.

Academic Challenge (2nd 9 weeks) Sponsor:

This is….Jeopardy.  Well, it’s not Jeopardy, but you have to think fast and act even faster.  Join the PAMS Academic Challenge team to compete against other middle schools in a battle of wits.  Tryouts will be held in November.  Academic Challenge runs for the second nine weeks only.
Game Club (year long) Sponsor: Guidance Department
Would you like to learn how to play Chess or perfect your game?  Are you up for an extreme game of UNO?  Beginning in October, the Guidance Department will be hosting game days during lunch.  Either come to the Guidance office and get a pass or you can get a pass from your 3A teacher.  Make sure your guidance counselor signs it so that you can be released from the cafeteria and let the games begin
Band (year long) Sponsor: Mr. Clendenin
All currently enrolled band students should contact Mr. Clendenin, PAMS Band Director, for details about joining the jazz band and other performance groups.
Show Choir (3rd 9 weeks)  Sponsor: Mrs. Anderson
Show choir is an explosive combination of contemporary music and dance that is sure to light up any audience! Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays in the spring semester. Show choir is open to males and females who sing or play an instrument. If you're interested, see Mrs. Sanford!
Debate “The PAMS Debate Society” (3rd 9 weeks)  Sponsors: Mr. Agami
Attention Students!!  Like to argue?  Well, we have a club for you.   The Princess Anne Middle School Debate Society is now accepting members.  If you are interested, meetings will begin in October, after school in room 416.  The purpose of this club is to learn debate rules and strategies prior to the start of debate season in September.
Drama Club (1st 9 weeks) Sponsor: Mrs. Hoey
The PAMS Drama Club is open to all students enrolled at our school.  This group participates in the Virginia Beach City-Wide One Act Play Festival in mid-October.  Auditions are held in August, and practice continues through mid-October.  Practices and auditions will be held in the cafeteria.
Flag Team/Color Guard (year long) Sponsor: Mr. Clendenin
Do you want to make new friends while entertaining hundreds at parades and ballgames?  If so, then the PAMS Color Guard is for you!  Try-outs are held each fall, and practices are held Mondays and Tuesdays in the band room.  
Forensics (4th 9 weeks)  Sponsors:  Ms. Chapa
Do you enjoy poetry, prose, spelling, writing, persuasive speeches, and speaking in front of people? Forensics is a competitive speaking sport where members compete against other schools.  There are seven categories from which to choose.  Practices will begin at the end of March, and the competition is in May with all middle schools across the city.
Game Club (year long)  Sponsor: Guidance Department
Would you like to learn how to play Chess or perfect your game?  Are you up for an extreme game of UNO?  Beginning in October, the Guidance Department will be hosting game days during lunch.  Either come to the Guidance office and get a pass or you can get a pass from your 3A teacher.  Make sure your guidance counselor signs it so that you can be released from the cafeteria and let the games begin
Intramurals (year long) Sponsors: Mr. Scheuer, Mrs. Warnock and Mr. Brewer

Intramurals will be offered Mondays -Thursdays in the gym.  All participants must have an Intramural Permission Slip on file with one of the sponsors.  Come to the gym and enjoy basketball activities like knockout contests, 21 competitions, and tournament play.  Sports will change periodically and will include such activities as basketball, golf, tennis, table tennis, flag football, dodge ball, and soccer.
NJHS (year long)  Sponsors: Mrs. Smith and Ms. Hamby
Membership in the National Junior Honor Society is an honor bestowed by the faculty on students who demonstrate consistent excellence in scholarship, citizenship, service, character, and leadership.  Students in 7th and 8th grade may apply for membership in the spring.  Meetings are held monthly in the cafeteria where we complete service projects, leadership development activities, and enjoy the company of our members.  Students who transfer to PAMS from other schools where they were initiated into an NJHS chapter are welcome to join our chapter immediately.
Newspaper “Panther Press” (TBD) Sponsor: Mrs. Reid
All writers, comics, and artists in all grade levels are welcome to express their views and to share information.  This is your chance to leave your legacy at PAMS!  Meetings are held one day per week in Ms. Chapa’s room from the beginning of January through June.
Operation Smile: Sponsor: Katie Warnock
At Operation Smile, we believe an investment in students is an investment in our future. Operation Smile believes that YOU are our future and that YOU are capable of changing the world.  When volunteering with Operation Smile: • You become a part of our global community that works together to bring access to safe surgery.  • You will meet and create lasting relationships with others who share the same passions.  • You will learn about cultural differences and open your eyes to the world around you.  • You will improve, learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge for your future.    The only way Operation Smile will continue to make a lasting difference is if the culture of caring and humanity is transmitted to YOU, our youth, so you’ll take that excitement and energy into our next era of smiles.
Panther Pride Orchestra (year long) Sponsor:  Mrs. Reaves-Bey
This Orchestra is open to 7th and 8th grade students who want to play for extra curricular activities such as PTA meetings, School Board meetings, and other events around the school.  Please see Mrs. Walker for more information.  You must be able to stay after school for rehearsals.
SCA (year long) Sponsor: Ms. Thompson & Mrs. Abrams
Join a group of students who make a difference at PAMS.  Join those who make things happen.  These students help our community and provide services for our school.  They run school dances, host spirit weeks, plan pep rallies, and other fun activities at PAMS. Join the SCA and learn about leadership, citizenship, teamwork and friendship, but most of all, have fun.  Meeting dates vary so pay attention to the announcements!
Art Club (2nd 9 weeks) Sponsor: Mr. Jewell
Club members are able to use all Art room resources to work on their own projects. Guidance and activities are organized around student requests. The Art Club partners with other clubs when there is a synergy to planned activities to help generate deeper enrichment experiences when possible.
Yearbook/Photography Club (year long) Sponsors: Mrs. Bess
Yearbook members have the privilege to visually and verbally record the school’s year.  Members create layout spreads; write captions, copy, take, and crop pictures while working as a team.  Computers play a large role in the production of the yearbook.  Listen to the announcements for specific details regarding meeting dates and times.
Garden Club (3rd & 4th 9 weeks) Sponsors: Ms. Chasse & Mr. Jewell
Students are taught how to plant, grow, and maintain various plants, flowers, and vegetables while beautifying the school grounds.
Morning Basketball (year long) Sponsor: Mr. Scheuer
Morning Basketball starts during the 1st nine weeks of school and continues throughout the school year.  Every Friday morning from 7:45 – 8:45, all PAM’s students and faculty members are welcome to play pickup basketball games in the large gym.
Dance Team (2nd 9 weeks) Sponsor: Mrs. Timothy
Learn the 8) elements in dance that are most vital. As you progress your understanding will change as you discover what they mean to your body.
Step Team (2nd 9 weeks) Sponsors: TBD
Do you like to hit a beat and have a good time?  If so, the PAMS Step Team is for you.  Listen for announcements in the fall and come join in the fun!
Ecology/Recycling Club (year long) Sponsor: Mrs. O’Malley
Does it bother you that so much paper is thrown away?  Do you want to find ways to help your environment? If so, this club is for you.  Listen for the announcements in the fall with details about meeting dates, times, and locations.
Business Club (TBD) Sponsor: Mrs. Vinikoff
The objective of the business club is help recycle old cell phones and empty printer cartridges to help raise funds to buy technology items for our school.  In addition, we will research and discuss ways that businesses can conserve and reduce waste in the workplace.
Fitness Club (3rd 9 weeks) Sponsors: TBD
The objective of the fitness club is to prepare of the Sham Rock Marathon.  Students will meet every Tuesday and Thursday beginning in January to start getting in shape. 
Chess Club (year long) Sponsor: Library
Do you enjoy setting and achieving long-term goals during a game?  Well the Chess Club is for you.  You will be working on your opening and fundamental tactics of the Chess game.  Chess games are during PAMS time every day in the library
Diversity Club (year long) Sponsor: Mrs. Walton
The PAMS Diversity Club is a club which teaches acceptance of others, participates in community activities, and helps other students within the PAMS school community.
Golf Club (4th 9 weeks) Sponsor: Mr. Lavallee
The Golf Club welcomes all Golf Lovers.  You will learn the rules of the game and how to keep scores.  You will hit in the driving range and perfect your short putt game.
Stem Team (2nd 9 weeks) Sponsors: Mr. Palmiere and Mr. Ayala 
An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach that is coupled with hands-on, problem-based learning.
Panther Paws for a Cause (year long) Sponsor: Mrs. Vinikoff
Join the Paw for a Cause club, where we help different organization help the needed.  If you like giving back to society and your community this club is for you.
Lunch Bunch (year long) Sponsor: Grade Level Guidance Counselor 
Guidance Counselors’ will meet with their grade level students once a week during lunch bell for good fun and games while enjoying your lunch.  This gives the student time to meet other students on their grade level.  It also gives the counselor a change to get to know their student more.   
Anchored 4 Life (year long) Sponsor: Mr. Bucholz, Mrs. Bell, and Mrs. Hinton
Encouraging 100% acceptance is a hallmark of this successful program that brings military-connected and civilian kids together. The group welcomes incoming students to their new school, and helps departing students prepare for their next school. It is not necessary to be affiliated with the military to participate in this club.
Scratch Club (4th 9 weeks) Sponsor:  Mrs. Byrd                                                 Students will use Scratch program to make animated cartoons and shows.  
Cooking Club (TBD) Sponsor:  TBA
Students will learn how to prepare small dishes for their families.  Students will learn the importance of safety in the kitchen, while making a great meal.
Man Power (year long) Sponsor: Mr. Van Auken
To develop the skills and personal discipline within our own young men so that we can better serve a broader community.
Club 180 (year long) Sponsor: Mrs. Piper
Bible study club. 
Harry Potter Club (2nd 9 weeks) Sponsor: Ms. Molen
Do you love everything Harry Potter?  If so, then this club is for you!  Come to the Harry Potter Club and discuss your favorite moments, characters, and patronuses.  Be prepared for House Duels!  Magic up some things like chocolate frogs, school ties, wands, sorting hats, and more
Book Club (2nd 9 weeks) Sponsor: Mrs. Hutson
The mission of this book club is to inspire reading and the discussion of literary works while providing an atmosphere that promotes sisterhood, unity, and community involvement.