Clubs and Intramurals

Clubs and Intramurals

If you have any question regarding the clubs or intramurals listed below, please feel free to contact the sponsor of that activity while you are at school or via email.  To access teacher emails click HERE.  Or call of contact Zeb Clark, Student Activities Coordinator via email or call 648-4971.

Year-long clubs:

Operation Smile – Katie Warnock
Chess Club - Jonathan Perry
Panther Partners – Cathy Smith and Kim Piper
Morning Announcement Crew – Meredith Scavone
Panther Diversity Club - Gabrielle Walton
Art Club-Ian Jewell
Ecology Club - Donna Abrams and Maurice Cullen

Quarterly Intramurals

1 Friday morning basketball-Fritz Scheuer
2 Good Vibes Club-Erica Fritz
3 Fitness/Running Club- Adam Prater
4 SPCA/Animal Lovers Club- Kerry Werhan
5 Friends of Rachel-Naomi Riddick

Winter 1
1 Friday morning basketball-Fritz Scheuer
2 STEP Team-Alfreda Bell
3 Fitness/Running Club-Kris Bowers
4 Good Vibes Club- TBA
5 Friends of Rachel-Gabrielle Walton
6 Archery Club - Michelle Shoffstall

Winter II
1 Friday morning basketball-Fritz Scheuer
2 Rock climbing Club – Kris Bowers
3 Fitness/Running Club: Lyndsay Hamby
4 STEP Team- Alfreda Bell
5 Friends of Rachel: Elinor Wynter

1 Friday morning basketball-Fritz Scheuer
2 Fitness/Running Club – Lyndsay Hamby
3 Friends of Rachel – Andrea Cherry