Clubs and Intramurals

The following is a list of student clubs and activities that will be offered during the school year. Each student is welcome and encouraged to attend. Activity buses will run Monday – Friday at 5:30 p.m. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Zeb Clark, Student Activities Coordinator, at 648-4971.

Year-Long Clubs
Meet bi-monthly with club members

Chess Club: Jonathan Perry
Anime Club: Mr. Hernandez
Operation Smile: Katie Warnock
Panther Partners: Angie Cole
Morning Announcement Crew: Tina Molen
Anchored4Life: Kim Piper and Shannon George
Fuel Up to Play 60:  Mrs. Warnock

Quarterly Intramurals
Meet weekly with club members

1 Friday morning basketball: Fritz Scheuer
2 Weight lifting: Brian Roberts
3 Ecology Club: Cathy O’Malley
4 Haunted Hallway: Ian Jewell and Donna Chapa
5 Friends of Rachel: Gabrielle Walton
6 Yoga: Erica Fritz

Winter 1
1 Friday morning basketball: Fritz Scheuer
2 Trashion Show: Cathy O’Malley and Ian Jewell
3 Yoga: Lindsay Thompson
4 Board Games: Tina Molen
5 Running Club: Kristopher Bowers
6 Friends of Rachel: Andrea Cherry

Winter II
1 Friday morning basketball: Fritz Scheuer
2 Rock climbing Club: Kristopher Bowers
3 Book Club: Tasha Wearran
4 Friends of Rachel: Elinor Wynter
5 Yoga: Lindsay Thompson
6 TBD:

1 Friday morning basketball: Fritz Scheuer
2 Fishing Club: Ian Jewell
3 Friends of Rachel: Naomi Riddick
4 Running Club: Lyndsay Hamby
5 Yoga: Claudia Liebig
6 Ecology Club: Cathy O’Malley

Should you have any questions regarding clubs and intramurals, please direct them to:  
Zebedee Clark, Student Activities Coordinator
Phone: (757) 648-4971
Email: Zeb Clark