PAMS School Supply Lists

Grade 6
Pens (black/blue ink)                              
One five section notebook for Math                                           
2 Composition notebooks                                                  
One 3” three-ring binder (w/ dividers and pockets)                                           
Colored pencils                                         
Zippered notebook pouch for holding supplies                                           
Dry erase markers                                   
Glue sticks                                           
Hand-held pencil sharpener                   
small scissors with rounded ends                                           
Paper (wide-ruled loose leaf)                 
Post-it Notes (preferably 3x3) 
Grade 7
Pens (black or blue ink)                             
Paper (wide or college-ruled loose leaf)                                          
Pencils with erasers                                   
One five section spiral notebook                                          
3x5 index cards                                          
Colored pencils                                            
Glue sticks                                          
Ear buds                                          
4-pack dry erase markers                          
Personal hand sanitizer                                          
Hand-held pencil sharpener                  
2 composition books                                          
One three-ring binder 2”-3” (w/dividers and pockets)  

Grade 8
Pens (black or blue ink)                                
Paper (wide or college ruled)                                         
Colored pencils                                              
Glue sticks                                         
Hand-held pencil sharpener                                         
One three-ring binder 2”-3”                       
Graphing paper (Algebra-optional)                                         
Small scissors (rounded ends) 

Additional Supplies for Electives    Depending on the electives your child is taking, the following supplies will be needed in addition to the above: 

HPE: Water  -Notebook  -Colored pencils  -Writing utensils     -Athletic Shoes

Art: -Pack of Markers:  -Pack of Colored Pencils  -Small Watercolor Palette (12 color)  -Small, Medium, Large paint brushes   -2 Black Sharpies: Fine point / Ultra fine point  -2 glue sticks  -Scissors (rounded ends)  -Pencils  -Erasers

Teen Living: Pencils/pens:  -Paper (Loose leaf)  -Pocket folder w/brads  -Earbuds (wired or bluetooth) 

Keyboarding Applications and Desktop Publishing:  Pen/Pencil  -Pocket Folder with brads  -Loose Leaf Paper  -Earbuds (wired or bluetooth)   

Exploratory (Computer Solutions I and II) Virtual and Face to Face Instruction:  -Pen/Pencil  -Pocket Folder with brads  -Loose Leaf Paper  -Earbuds (wired or bluetooth) 

World Languages:  Pens/pencils  -Paper (loose leaf)  -3-ring binder (year courses)  -Pocket folder w/brads (Exploratory classes)  -Earbuds w/microphone built-in (year courses)  -Earbuds (Exploratory classes)  -3 black dry erase markers  -Small white board (dollar store) 

Career Skills:  Pens/pencils  -Paper (loose leaf)  -1-View binder  -Pocket folder w/brads  -Earbuds (wired or bluetooth)  

Orchestra:  Essential Elements Book 1(6th Grade) of your instrument  -Essential Elements Book 2(7th Grade) of your instrument  -Essential Elements Book 3(8th Grade) of your instrument    For everyone:  -bow rosin  -one subject notebook for notes  -pencils  -music stand  -instrument cleaning supplies(they sell them at instrument stores)  -clip on tuner D'Addario tuners are the best  -peg compound(for tight pegs that won't turn)  -extra strings  -shoulder rest(violin, violin)  -rock stop(cello, bass).   

Band:   Method book:  -Standards of Excellence Book 1 (6th grade)  -Standards of Excellence book 2 (7th grade)  -Foundations for Superior Performance (8th grade)  • Others:  -Clarinets/Saxophones-reeds, cleaning swab  -Flutes-cleaning rod and swab  -Brass-valve oil, slide oil, -cleaning snake  -Percussion-general drumsticks and bell mallets  -Drum Pad  

Chorus:  Earbuds to keep in class  -Pencils  -3-ring pencil pouch  -1” View Binder  

Independent Reading:    Spiral notebook  -Folder  -Pencils 

Tech Ed:  Pocketed folder to go in your binder  -Colored pencils -hand-held pencil sharpener  -2-3 pencils with erasers  -Mechanical pencils (optional)