Interscholastic Sports and Academic Competitions

In order to participate in the interscholastic sports/academic competition program, students must have the new MSL physical form on file with the Student Activities Coordinator, and they must be found eligible. If you need additional information about tryout dates, call PAMS Student Activities Coordinator Mr. Clark at (757) 648-4971.

Click HERE to view the VBMSL Athletic manual

Click HERE to access the athletic Physical Form

Athletic / Academic Schedules

Fall: Cheerleading, Boy’s Football, Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer, One Act Play
Winter 1st Semester: Cheerleading, Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball and Academic Challenge 
Winter 2nd Semester: Cheerleading, Girls’ Volleyball & Wrestling and Debate
Spring: Cheerleading, Boys’ Baseball, Girls’ Field Hockey, Girls’ Softball, Boys’ & Girls' Track and Forensics

Boys' Soccer-James Scheuer
Girls' Soccer-Katie Warnock
Cheerleader-Kaitlin Beamer
Football-Mike Benzel , Jamie Arnett
Boys' Basketball-Malcolm Washington
Girls' Basketball-James Scheuer
Wrestling-Jamie Arnett
Volleyball-Keira Peoples
Baseball-Christopher Sanders
Softball-Victoria Silvano
Field Hockey-Beanie Schleicher
Boys' Track-Allen Brewer / Kristofer Bowers
Girls' Track-Lee Hart / Kristofer Bowers
Debate-Sam Agami
Academic Challenge-Hunter Dunlo
One Act Play-Lisa Anderson / Valerie Hoey
Forensics-Donna Chapa