Term 2 Tutoring Program

All Tutoring Sessions will take place in the virtual setting on Google Meet.  Access Google meet by going to Classlink.  Once at Google Meet, enter the "nickname".  In the schedule below, the nickname directly follows the session. 

Before School Options (8:45-9:45am)

Tuesdays:  English: pamsenglish / Math 6-8: math678
Wednesday: Math 6-8:  Math678
Thursday:  English: pamsenglish / Math 6-8:  Fritztutoring / Algebra:  PAMSAlgebra

After School options (5-6pm)

Tuesdays:  Geometry:  Geometry8 / Math 6-8: Fritztutoring
Wednesdays:  Algebra:  PAMSAlgebra / Math 6-8:  Fritztutoring
Thursdays:  Geometry: Geometry8 / Math 6-8:  PAMSMath678

Homework / Technology Center-  Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 5-6pm
Our virtual homework / technology center is available for students to receive help completing work assigned.  This is monitored by a PAMS teacher: PMHW