2021-2022 Tutoring Schedule 

Students are required to bring specific questions and assignments which they need assistance

Before School:  8:40am- 9:30am
  • Tuesday: English 6-8 / Room B115
  • Wednesday:  English 6-8 / Room B115
  • Thursday:  Math 6-8 / Room C133
  • Friday:  Math 6-8 / Room C241
After School:  4:25pm-6:10pm (Activity buses available)
  • Monday:  Geometry / Room B217
  • Tuesday:  Math 6-8 / Room C241
  • Wednesday:  Algebra / Room B217 & Math 6-8 / Room C133
FEV Tutor App
Through FEV Tutor App, students may receive:
  • Free on-demand after school homework assistance
  • Schedule tutoring sessions or complete online modules
Can be accessed via Classlink Launch Pad.
FEV Tutor is not monitored by PAMS staff

Beach Mentorship Program
Want some extra help with your math class from students, not teachers?  The Beach Mentorship program connects high achieving trained High School tutors to Middle School students who are struggling.
  • Tuesdays at 5:30pm
  • Saturdays at 3:30pm
For more information, please click HERE.

Questions or comments regarding tutoring, please contact Ms. Jennifer Bell